Push Broom

Push Broom

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Push Brooms are high quality sweeping tools that are built tough and durable. Our selection of push brooms is available in fine, medium and coarse styles. Choose synthetic or natural bristle depending upon the application.

Fine Grey Flagged. Soft grey flagged synthetic filament is excellent for sweeping dust and fine particles on smooth surfaces. The polystyrene filament repels water and detergents. For smooth floor surface in office, store or factory

Black Tampico. Black Tampico fiber is flexible and long lasting. Ideal for commercial cleaning. Tampico resists heat and chemicals. An excellent all-purpose broom for fine/medium clean-up jobs. For Medium floor surface in warehouse or factory.

Medium Black Poly Polypropylene filament will not absorb moisture and is resistant to most chemicals and oils. This full-bodied sweep is ideal for indoor/outdoor cleaning in commercial settings. For Medium floor surface in warehouse or factory.

Coarse Palmyra This durable natural fiber is ideal for sweeping coarse, heavy dirt on wet and dry surfaces. Excellent on driveways, basements, warehouses, garages and sidewalks. For rough surface floors Dock, Driveway, Street or Factory